Taxes Too High

My taxes are too *#@!$! high! What can I do?

To reduce your property taxes, you must know your rights, understand the remedies available to you, and fulfill your responsibilities. A basic understanding of how the process works is incumbent on each property owner.

You should also understand who the Parties are that can affect your property tax and what you can do to lower your taxes.

How much you pay is determined by 2 things:
  1. The Taxable Value of the property
  2. The Tax Rate.
The Taxable Value is established by the Central Appraisal District, or CAD. CAD determines the market value, then subtracts any exemptions to arrive at the taxable value. If you can reduce the market value, you should reduce your taxable value and consequently, the amount of taxes! This site may be able to help you determine the market value.

Tax Rates are established by the Board of Directors of each taxing unit. Even though you may attend the public hearings when the honcho's set the tax rate, your chances of influencing their decision is slim-to-none. Normally, many trial balloons have been launched so that the outcome is pre-determined. That tax rate increase train has already started and does not stop!
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