How We Can Help Texas Market Value, Inc may be able to help you reduce the CAD's proposed value. As a rule, Reduce the value---Reduce the tax! Just because the CAD says your market value is "X", does not mean they are right. Our sister company has been in the Property Tax business since 1985. Thousands of dollars has been saved by reducing the CAD market value.

How can you determine, "What is the market value of my property?" The best way is to create a competitive market analysis or CMA, a 3 step process. First, obtain a list of properties that have recently sold that are similar to the subject. Second, adjust each sale so that it "looks" like the subject. Third, reconcile the adjustments to determine the Market Value of the subject. In an active market, the CMA is the most accurate way to determine market value.

Texas Market Value, Inc does this in a simple, straightforward manner that allows the user to select the sales, adjust the sales, and determine the market value of the subject. The market value may be changed by selecting different comps and different adjustment parameters.

The first step is to register; it is free. If you like what we have to offer, you may continue to start a CMA for your property. Please review our Products and Pricing.
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